Chelmorton Parish Council Agenda and Minutes

Dates of Meetings

2018: 16th January, 13th March (starts at conclusion of Annual Parish Meeting); 8th May (Annual Council Meeting), 3rd July, 11th September, 13th November

2019: 15th January, 12th March, 14th May (post election)

Agenda of next meeting

Next Meeting: 13th November 2018 >

The agenda will be published on this site during the week preceding the next meeting.

If you have any matters you wish to raise, there is a section at the start of the meeting for 10 minutes where the public can raise issues (this can be extended by the Chair depending on the number of speakers). Alternatively please write to or email the Clerk – please note Council can only make decisions on matters posted on the agenda but are happy to take issues to the next meeting if your correspondence misses publication.

Chemorton Parish Council, Christmas Cottage, Church Street, Youlgrave, DE45 1WL


Minutes and Agendas of Previous Meetings:

cpc Minutes September 2018  Chel Agenda September 2018
cpc Minutes July 2018
  Chel Agenda July 2018
cpc Minutes May 2018 Chel Agenda May 2018
cpc Minutes March 2018 Chel Agenda March 2018
cpc Minutes January 2018   Chel Agenda January 2018

cpc Minutes November 2017   Chel Agenda November 2017
cpc Minutes September 2017    Agenda September 2017
cpc Minutes July 2017     Chel Agenda July 2017
cpc Minutes May 2017  Chel Agenda May 2017
cpc Minutes March 2017 Chel Agenda March 2017
cpc Minutes January 2017 Chel Agenda January 2017 cpc-minutes-november-2016 cpc-minutes-september-2016 cpc-minutes-july-2016 cpc-minutes-may-2016 cpc-minutes-march-2016 cpc-minutes-january-2016 cpc-minutes-november-2015 cpc-minutes-september-2015 cpc-minutes-july-2015 cpc-minutes-may-2015